Aquaculture: Cod Walloped

by 5m Editor
7 June 2006, at 1:00am

NEWFOUNDLAND - If you don&#39;t have a Newfie accent and walk into any of the bars on George Street in downtown St. John&#39;s, it&#39;s a safe bet a bartender will dare you to kiss a codfish. If you pucker up and throw back a shot of Screech, you will qualify as an honorary Newfoundlander. It&#39;s a small but telling example of how, despite the decline and fall of the Atlantic cod, the fish that sustained Newfoundland for centuries still has its hooks in the province--its culture, its lingo and its popular imagination. Perhaps that&#39;s part of the reason aquaculture--an industry that promised to revive the cod&#39;s economic importance--was so widely embraced in Newfoundland. After the wild fishery faded in 1992, the tiny coastal towns and coves that depended on cod became even tinier--they have lost upward of 10% of their populations. Former fishermen who stayed in rural Newfoundland instead of migrating to larger centres like St. John&#39;s or Corner Brook found employment prospects bleak, and the many fish processors dotting the province were forced to run at significantly less than capacity. <i>Source: Canadian Business</i>

5m Editor