Another award for farmed cod

UK - Shetland based organic cod farming business Johnson Seafarms won the Highlands & Islands Business Award for Excellence in Environmental Sustainability, last Friday night.</b> <br><br> The company is the first ever aquaculture businesses to win the SNH sponsored award. <br><br> The award presented to the company at the Scottish Council for Development and Industry Highlands & Islands annual dinner recognises active involvement in local nature promotion and incorporates environmental sustainability as criteria in businesses decisions. <br><br> Managing director Karol Rzepkowski said: &quot;This is great accolade for all our hardworking staff at Johnson Seafarms. <br><br> &quot;As pioneers of the world&#39;s first truly sustainable, organic cod, we acknowledge our responsibility to act in a manner, which not only respects but also exceeds environmental standards. <br><br> &quot;Our cod is reared in a highly sophisticated, pristine and sustainable environment which allows consumers to once again enjoy cod without threatening its future existence.&quot; <br><br> <i>Source: Shetland Marine News</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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