Adopt low-cost farming techniques, farmer urged

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
19 February 2007, at 12:00am

TAMBARAM, INDIA - At a recent meeting, farmers of Kancheepuram district were urged to explore alternative avenues of low-cost, high-profit methods of farming and fish culture.

The monthly agriculturists' grievance meeting of the district was held at State Forest Research Station in Kolapakkam near Vandalur.

Officials from Forest, Fisheries and Agriculture department made a presentation about the various new methods of farming and fish culture that could be implemented with very little investment and hardly any modification to their conventional methods of farming. Kancheepuram Collector Pradeep Yadav said the meeting was held at the Forest Research Station with the primary objective of exposing farmers to the new trends that were being developed.

Elaborate research was being carried out at the station and farmers could make use of facilities available here. Forest Department officials told farmers that cultivation of teakwood and other commercial crops could be carried out without modifying their existing land, or investing in expensive machinery.

Source: The Hindu