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Action Plan to Grow Aquaculture Industry

AUSTRALIA - The Victorian Aquaculture Strategy and Action Plan has set out to grow the value of Victorian aquaculture from A$22 million to A$60 million by 2015 in a sustainable manner.

According to the Minister Responsible for Fisheries, the Hon. Joe Helper, the growth of the aquaculture industry is important for all Victorians that want a sustainable supply of fresh seafood for future generations.

The Strategy has been developed following advice from a panel that included people with expertise in science, community, environment, industry, finance and government issues.

It includes six strategic objectives and twenty-four actions to be implemented in consultation with an industry reference group.

Implementing the strategy will see advances in technology, new capital investment, regional economic growth and secure high-value seafood for all Victorians, according to Mr Helper.

Further Reading

More information - You can view the full strategy by clicking here.