Abalone ban a precaution, McEwen says

AUSTRALIA - The South Australian Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister says the decision to prohibit the movement of abalone from Victorian hatcheries into South Australia is merely a cautionary one.</b> <br><br> Victoria has shut four abalone farms and a 10 kilometre stretch of coastline to abalone divers, after the discovery of the ganglioneuritis virus. <br><br> Rory McEwen met the Abalone Council of Australia yesterday as part of moves to formulate a national response. <br><br> He says in the meantime, the South Australian industry needs to be protected. <br><br> &quot;There&#39;s no point in hypothesising about what may or may not happen,&quot; he said. <br><br> &quot;Importantly, we&#39;ve got to make sure that we&#39;re not exposing either the aquaculture industry or the wild stock to risk.&quot; <br><br> <i>Source:</i>

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