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A Sea-friendly Way to Farm Fish

CANADA - Closed containers are the key to a successful future for farmed salmon enterprises, according to AgriMarine Industries. And it's poised to unveil its first full-size farm this spring.

According to The Province, the company's prototype closed container systems have proved very successful and the Campbell River-based company will open its first full-size commercial farm in May.

CEO Richard Buchanan says the containers are made of a laminated fibreglass, a material used for Arctic rescue vessels and high-end yachts.

"It's stronger than steel, but lighter than aluminum. We originally thought we'd use aluminum, but there were corrosion issues, and the fibreglass is actually lighter," he added.

The closed containers recirculate sea water once per hour, keeping the fish swimming against the man-made current which promotes leaner flesh. It takes about 14 months for Chinook salmon to reach harvest size - a time period comparable conventional systems such as to open nets.

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