$1m tuna scale breeding heights

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
24 October 2006, at 1:00am

AUSTRALIA - Amid tight security, nine 140kg tuna worth more than $1 million each have been airlifted from sea pens off Eyre Peninsula and lowered into the world's first on-shore hatchery at nearby Arno Bay.

Port Lincoln tuna baron Hagen Stehr yesterday told The Australian he had successfully moved the tuna during an eight-hour helicopter operation involving a team of scientists and divers to look after the welfare of the six-year-old stock.

"This is a world first, the Japanese won't try it at all, the Americans tried it and failed and the Europeans have failed," Mr Stehr said. "They've been in there 150 hours and they're absolutely well."

One by one the tuna were airlifted to a newly built three million-litre tank - believed to be the second largest in the world - and lowered through a hole in the roof last Thursday.

Source: The Australian