Dr Tracey Jones

Dr Tracey Jones

Director of Food Business at Compassion in World Farming

Tracey has degrees in Animal Science (BSc) and Animal Production (MSc) and a PhD on ‘Improved handling systems for pigs at slaughter’. She has practical experience of indoor and outdoor pig farming in the UK and overseas, as well as poultry husbandry.

Tracey has undertaken 18 years applied animal welfare and behaviour research conducted at Cambac Research and Oxford University in collaboration with industry, NGO’s, and Government.

Her research includes: tail biting in pigs, free farrowing systems for sows, long distance transit of pigs, stocking density for broiler chickens, selection for welfare traits in broilers, space allowance for sheep in transit and bathing water provision for ducks.

Tracey joined Compassion in 2010 providing technical expertise for Compassion’s engagement work with the food industry, helping implement and affect positive change for farm animals on a large scale. In 2013 Tracey was promoted to Director of Food Business and is extending the reach of the programme further into Europe, China and the US.

Tracey is passionate about animal welfare and making real, lasting differences to the lives of millions of farm animals.

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