Will U.S. get hooked on ocean fish farms? Some hope not

by 5m Editor
14 April 2006, at 1:00am

WASHINGTON -- The way Mark Vinsel sees it; ocean fishermen are the last of a dying breed in a hunting-gathering tradition that stretches back into history. But Vinsel fears the days are not long before fishermen go the way of America&#39;s small farmers, who are being squeezed off lands by the growth of agribusiness and commercial farming operations. &quot;The oceans belong to everybody _ they should not be fenced off and sold off to the highest bidder,&quot; says Vinsel, a Juneau artist and the executive director of United Fishermen of Alaska. Fish-farm technologies can&#39;t improve upon nature, or produce fish any cheaper, Vinsel noted: &quot;The way I look at it, a healthy ocean system is natural and cannot be improved upon.&quot; Vinsel and others are alarmed by Bush administration moves to open up areas off the United States to fish farms, where fish are raised in huge underwater nets. <em>Source: Scripps Howard News Service </em>

5m Editor