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Where is New Zealand's Market Going?

NEW ZEALAND - A diverse industry can build a strong presence in a competitive global market if common concerns and goals are identified and shared.

That was the message from four speakers at the New Zealand Aquaculture Conference in Blenheim yesterday, reports Angela Crompton in a Marlborough Express news story.

She says that in a talk titled: Where's the Market Going and What is Our Response? a marketing professor from the Imperial College in London steered the chief executives of NZ King Salmon and Aotearoa Seafoods through the steps their industries might take to gain and maintain support in the international markets.

"The economy's bad at the moment," acknowledged Paul Steere from NZ King Salmon. "But (salmon) sales are up 50 percent from last year. And Australia, Japan and North America are the biggest markets at the moment."

According to the Marlborough Express, reports showed developing countries were increasing their seafood consumption, too and its production, Aotearoa Seafoods' Sam Hobson said later. "We won't be able to compete with those countries and if their products find a place on the export markets, we will find it even more difficult to compete.

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