Tuross Lakes prospects looking up

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
13 July 2007, at 1:00am

AUSTRALIA - The Tuross River's prospects have gone from bleak to burgeoning thanks to recent rain. In November last year, troubled oyster farmers and residents stood upon masses of sand that blocked the river from the ocean. Last week, that very same spot was under metres of water.

It's a pleasant sight to behold for Greg Woodford, the volunteer co-ordinator of the Shellfish Quality Assurance Program - he says the river hasn't looked so good for at least five years.

"You can see from the embankments just how much sand has been moved," he said. "You'd like to see it a half-kilometre wider, but it's pretty good."

The last deluge dropped 248mm of rain within a week, and closed Tuross Lake on June 14, "and it's still not open," Mr Woodford said.

Despite its brown colour caused by harmless sediment stirred by the rain, Mr Woodford said water tests yielded great results and he estimated the river would open for harvesting in about two weeks, once salinity levels rose.

"The water is absolutely magic. The lake's in very, very good condition as far as quality of water, it's just the salinity that's a hold up," he said.

Mr Woodford said the river's catchment extended as far as Cooma, and any more rain between here and there would further widen the river's mouth.

"It's phenomenal the amount of sand it can move, when it runs," he said.

Source: Batemansbay