Sustainable seafood firm adds cod brand

UK - Johnson Sustainable Seafoods is launching a fresh fish brand called No Catch ...Just Cod, targeting ethically aware, health-conscious shoppers. </b> <br><br> No Catch, which will be available in Tesco from 29 May, comes from the world&#39;s biggest cod hatchery in Shetland. The fish are fed offcuts of fish already harvested and have no contact with pesticides or dyes. <br><br> The packaging, through brand and design consultancy Bryt, is a departure from traditional fish branding and highlights the brand&#39;s ethical credentials. The packaging emphasises the product&#39;s origins and that it is &quot;tasty, totally natural fish&quot;. It adds that it is the world&#39;s first organic, sustainable cod and uses the line &quot;Good for you, great for fish&quot;. <br><br> Although cod is a favourite among consumers, there has been concern about its rapidly diminishing stocks, leading to restrictions on cod fishing in the Irish Sea, North Sea and off West Scotland. <br><br> No Catch argues that its product is better for the environment because it comes from a sustainable source, and is higher quality because it reaches shops faster than cod caught in the wild. <br><br> <i>Source: Design Bulletin</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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