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Super Primary Industries Ministrry

NEW ZEALAND - Plans to create a super primary industries Ministry made up of the Ministry of Fisheries and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has the full backing of Federated Farmers.

To say were excited is an understatement because theres a refreshing breath of fresh air about it, says Don Nicolson, Federated Farmers President.

Behind the scenes, weve pushed for a super primary industries Ministry to take agriculture forward both inside and outside the farm gate. There are boundless opportunities to grow the volume and value of merchandise and manufacturing exports related to agriculture.

The one thing Federated Farmers wants to see in the new super Ministrys name is that it is for primary industries than just being a Ministry of it.

Having a Ministry for primary industries will not just define its mission, but means it will be a partner sharing our enthusiasm and belief in agriculture.

This will help shape the priorities the new super Ministry needs to attend to, such as biosecurity before and at the border.

This also reflects a growing integration within the primary sector, such as fisheries based Talleys Group moving to take over the meat processor AFFCO.

Lets face it we have a Ministry for the Environment, a Ministry for Culture and Heritage and a Minister for Sport and Recreation. A Ministry for Primary Industries is wholly consistent where you want action but whatever it is called, for must be in its name.

"Aquaculture is by its definition a farming discipline and we appreciate its immense possibilities. Having a cohesive Ministry will help reduce the roadblocks some of our members have faced, especially as New Zealand has untapped but farmable fish species.

The Minister deserves full credit for taking this proposal forward and he can count on Federated Farmers full support, Mr Nicolson concluded.