Super Oysters Selling for A$100 Each

by Ellen Hardy
9 June 2008, at 1:00am

AUSTRALIA - Huge oysters growing off the west coast of Australia are set to become a top delicacy across the worlds restaurants after selling for A$100 each.

Coffin Bay King Oysters, produced at the Coffin Bay Oyster Farm, have up to 10 times extra meat than normal-sized oysters and are set to become the latest delicacy to come from Australian waters, reports the Adelaide Now.

SA-caught abalone and southern bluefin tuna are widely consumed in Asia.

The king oysters, which sold for $100 each at a recent auction in McLaren Vale, are being compared by their owner with the wine industry's flagship Penfold's Grange, says Adelaide Now.

Normal-sized SA oysters sell in Australian restaurants for around $20 a dozen.

Farm owner Lester Marshall said the king oysters grew in the water for around six years whereas most oysters were sold after 18 months.

"They really do have a wow factor, the flavour is incredible and who knows what people will pay for them in the long run," he said.

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Ellen Hardy