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Shrimp Farmers Demand Support

IRAN - Experts are studying a comprehensive plan to support shrimp farmers and exporters who are canvassing for its implementation.

Although the plan, according to the managing director of Iran’s Cooperatives for Breeding and Exporting Aquatics, has been revised four times, it is yet to be endorsed by country's the Management and Planning Organisation.

A number of shrimp breeders gathered at the Majlis and Agriculture Jihad Ministry last week calling for the implementation of the plan.

Arsalan Qassemi said that a taskforce made up of representatives from Iran’s Fisheries Organization, Shrimp Breeding Union and MPO experts is currently studying the plan for possible revisions.

He said that the comprehensive initiative, aimed at supporting shrimp producers and exporters, will be sent to the MPO for final ratification in less than a month.

Source: Iran Daily

Filed as: Asia Iran