Seafood imports will be drug-tested

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
1 August 2007, at 1:00am

AUSTRALIA - Seafood imported into Australia will now be tested for a range of antibiotics.

Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran says an Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service survey revealed some imported seafood had unacceptable levels of antibiotic residues.

But the Australian Seafood Importers Association chairman Harry Peters says the survey results are flawed and the home-grown product is no different.

"I have personal doubts about the validity of some of the testing," he said. "It just doesn't add up because the fish is caught, processed all within an hour at sea and it's just amazing how these results have poppped up.

"I challenge the Minister to be on a level playing field here. Test the Australian product that's being produced," he added.

Source: ABC