San Miguel to put up hitech feed mill in Manado

INDONESIA - Food and agribusiness giant San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is reportedly planning to establish a modern feed mill in Manado, Indonesia in a bid to produce cheaper feed products for Mindanao&#39;s animal and halal poultry industries. </b> <br><br> Undersecretary Virgilio Leyretana, chair of the Mindanao Economic and Development Council (Medco), said the company has signified to develop Manado and other areas in Indonesia&#39;s North Sulawesi province as primary source of cheaper corn and other raw materials for its feed processing operations. <br><br> He said one of the company&#39;s initial considerations in putting up a plant in Manado is to supply the needs of the halal poultry industry for corn-based feeds. <br><br> <i>Source: Minda News</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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