Salmon industry supports strategic antibiotic use

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
25 June 2007, at 1:00am

AUSTRALIA - The Tasmanian salmon industry says that in spite of the continuing development of vaccines, there is still a need to use antibiotics.

The Tasmanian Primary Industry Minister David Llewellyn has written to the salmon industry expressing concern about the rising use of antibiotics, saying he is concerned about the environment, public health and the risk to Tasmania's clean green image.

The Tasmanian Salmonoid Growers Association's Pherose Jungalwalla says they have agreed to a voluntary suspension of amoxycillin, but there is still a need for its strategic use.

"What we are asking for is consideration to retain the access to amoxycillin under special circumstances where we feel that a particular bug might be better targeted by this particular antibiotic," he said.

"I must add that apart from human medicine, amoxycillin is also used in other primary production industries.

Source: ABC Rural