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SA Mussels Best In World

AUSTRALIA - The waters off South Australia have the best conditions for growing mussels and mussel farming. This is the view of Wallaroo Blue mussel farmer Daryl Holyoake.

The mussel; farmer, who has 25 years experience growing mussels in New Zealand said they had set up off the Yorke Peninsula coast because of the uncrowded waters and plentiful space for farming.

He told Adelaide Now: "The mussels grow quicker here than anywhere else in the world and the quality is as good as anything grown anywhere."

Wallaroo Blue has harvested about 140 tonnes of mussels in the past year and expects to reach 500 tonnes in the next year and 1000 tonnes the following year, making it a significant player.

Wallaroo Blue director Bob Simmonds told Adelaide Now the company's 30 Australian and New Zealand shareholders had invested A$9 million in the project during the past five years.

"We've come a long way since starting, with exceptional growth rates, size and quality at Wallaroo," he said.

"I think it is a terrific investment when you consider the decline of fisheries."

|THe company is now planning a marketing programme to promote mussels in Australia to help increase demand.

In future, Mr Simmonds said it will also consider other marine species, depending on regulations.

Wallaroo Blue is farming 100ha of mussels and will develop another 50ha block this year, 6km to 8km offshore in water 12m to 20m deep.

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