R1.5 Million Bio-fuels Plant Will Benefits Local Food Producers

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
18 March 2008, at 12:00am

PRETORIA - A R1.5 billion investment in a bio-fuels processing facility also hopes to improve food availability for South Africans.

The plant will increase the local production of soybean meal and it also embraces SA government policy on food security. Domestic soybean farmers, livestock industries and aquaculture producers stand to reap enormous rewards from the investment, says Rainbow Nation Renewable Fuels Limited (RNRF), who is managing the project.

The plant is expected to produce bio-diesel and pharmaceutical glycerine from soya beans and is expected to come on stream in the toward the end of 2009, says report on the Bua Newsline. It will be largest soybean processing facility in Africa will use domestically produced raw materials and imports. The facility will process one million tons of soybeans annually and provide a long-term, consistent local demand that South African farmers.

"We are currently working with farmers, agricultural cooperatives and emerging-farmer groups to increase the local supply of soybeans and are looking to expand our supplier base significantly," said RNRF Managing Director Geoff Mordt .

He said that growth of the local soybean industry would strengthen local agriculture and rural development. It also offered a key source of protein to the human food chain as well as providing a sustainable feedstock for premium quality bio-diesel.

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