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Quarantine Ban in Time of Disease

AUSTRALIA - Australian seafood importers are demanding that a quarantine ban be dropped after a strain of prawn disease was found in two Queensland facilities.

Harry Peters, chairman, Seafood Importers Association highlighted that the IHHNV strain had already been found at two Queensland prawn facilities claiming, "….. it seems likely that it has been in Australia for a long time - since well before the government took draconian measures which were supposed to keep it out."

According to Growfish, Peters was reported locally as going on to say "As a covert rescue plan, it (the ban) has been a complete failure. Not only have the import bans cost Australians hundreds of millions of dollars, this latest development has exposed a huge gap in Australia's internal biosecurity.

"Supplier countries are very upset by the unscientific approach taken by Australia on this issue," he told Growfish

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