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Nigeria: Flourishing fishing industry

NIGERIA - If there is anyone out there interested in fish farming in Africa, Nigeria is the best place to set up such business. Why? According to findings, Nigeria is the largest Africa aquaculture producer, at 15,489 tones a year. Egypt (5645 tones) followed by five other African countries (Zambia, Madagascar, Togo, Kenya and Sudan). Each produces more than 1000 tones.

However, let me clearly state here that I want to believe that anyone interested in this business has a substantial knowledge of the business, therefore, this article is not about the technicalities but advantages of doing the business in the country.

With annual domestic fish supply of about 400,000 tones, the fisheries sector account for about 2 per cent of national GDP of the country. It also contributes to 40 per cent of the animal protein intake and substantial proportion of employment, especially in rural areas. The sector is a principal source of livelihood for over 3million people. The sector’s contribution, though minimal, is also evident on the export market.

Freshwater fish comprise over 80 per cent of the total aquaculture harvest. Although, the major species cultured include fin-fish (tilapias, catfish, and carp). Catfish, particularly the African catfish has a high growth rate. It is very resistant to handling and stress. It is very well appreciated in Nigeria (where it is often referred to as lung fish).

Source: AfricaNews