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More Fish Kills Reported Along The WA Coast

by 5m Editor
9 March 2011, at 12:00am

AUSTRALIA - Western Australias extended spell of hot, still weather and warm ocean temperatures is continuing to take a toll on fish stocks along the Mid West coast and out at the Abrolhos Islands.

Department of Fisheries Senior Fish Pathologist Dr Brian Jones said he expected the natural phenomena would continue while coastal water temperatures remained high.

“Fish are cold-blooded, so when the water gets either too hot, or too cold, they suffer,” Dr Jones said.

“We have had reports of fish dying recently in the Moore River, along various sections of the coast up to the Mid West and the still, hot conditions have played a significant role in the mortalities.

“There have also been reports of abalone losses on the reefs near Greenough and fish and lobster deaths at the Abrolhos Islands.”

Dr Jones said the advent of some coral spawning at the Abrolhos Islands had also sapped oxygen from the water.

“With the rock lobster fishing season at the Abrolhos about to commence, on 15 March, commercial fishers need to ensure they store their catch in appropriate conditions to prevent mortalities,” he said.

“When the fishing season gets underway at the islands, fishers should take precautions against coral spawning by storing their catch in deeper, well flushed, water during the spawning period.

“We ask the public to report any fish kills to our FISHWATCH service on 1800 815 507.”


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