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Low Salinity Stilts Oyster Harvesting

AUSTRALIA - With low salinity in the Myall River, those that make their living off the water are struggling.

Oyster farmer Mark Hunter has a number of leases on the Myall River but said they will go to waste if something is not done to improve the river, says Lynn Pinkerton of Myall Coast.

“Over the whole winter operation we have just been breaking even,” Mr Hunter told the news agency.

Mr Hunter said when the shortcut was open salt water was able to run into the river and increase salinity levels but since the closure of the shortcut water hasn’t been able to get through, decreasing the salinity.

According to Myall Coast, last week, farmers were getting a salinity measure of 14 parts per thousand at the mouth of the river and four parts per thousand at Tea Gardens.

They need a measure of 18 to harvest.

Usually with eight inches of rain, it takes around four weeks to bring levels back up, however it has been three weeks since the last amount of rain and levels are still only around four.

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