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Impact of Climate Change on Oz Aquaculture

AUSTRALIA - A study, released today comments that the overall impact of global climate change "will pose some very significant risks to the sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture in Australia".

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, projected changes in temperature, ocean currents, rainfall and extreme weather events due to climate change are all likely to significantly influence fish stocks and marine ecosystems in the $2.1 billion Australia fishery and aquaculture industry, the report finds.

It predicts that in the cooler southern waters, adverse impacts will hit the $220 million-plus Tasmanian salmon industry, which represents a third of the country's aquaculture production.

The spread of the long-spined sea urchin south along the east coast of Tasmania, holds "serious implications" for the Tasmanian rock lobster and abalone fisheries, which are together worth more than $150 million.

"Considerable impacts" would also hit the northern prawn fisheries. Impacts on coral reefs, such as an increased incidence of coral bleaching, would have flow-on effects for fisheries based on reef-associated species, such as coral trout and red emperor.

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