Fresh Currents in Fish Farming

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
21 November 2006, at 12:00am

SOUTH AFRICA - The draft aquaculture policy, released by the environmental affairs and tourism department last month, aims to take advantage of positive trends in the economy and in the fisheries industry, to mitigate against the impact of the decline in resource availability on the poor.

The department's interest in aquaculture development has intensified in the past year, due mainly to the decline of many fisheries and the continued economic hardship faced by fishing communities.

An economic base for investment in aquaculture has been established, with earlier industry projections indicating that even limited government intervention over the next 10-15 years would increase production from the current 2000 tons to 15000 tons per year, and increase employment from 740 people to about 3800 people.

Growth in the aquaculture industry will require the co-operation of all role players, and the department is committed to building partnerships that will improve the prosperity of this sector. The department aims to promote sustainable economic opportunities in aquaculture in a way that is environmentally sound and consistent with international best practice and the applicable national legislation and regulations.

The broad policy objectives are: to create an enabling environment to grow the sector; to broaden economic participation; to develop regulatory regime to minimise the impact on the environment; and to increase the resource base to a more diverse species.

Source: All Africa