Fishing with net pays off

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
27 October 2006, at 1:00am

AUSTRALIA - As exporters scramble to try to tap into the riches of the massive Chinese market, Bruce Sambell can sit back and reflect on his rare good fortune: China came to him.

Sambell, 55, is the director of Ausyfish Pty Ltd, a specialist fish hatchery based near Childers, about 320km north of Brisbane, which produces sleepy cod and silver, jade and golden perch.

Far removed from the markets of Asia, it was the Ausyfish website that reeled in the Chinese.

"A bit of a hobby of mine is our website," Sambell says. "I love the fish and I know a lot of people that love fish, so I put lots of information on the website. China found me through our website. They did a search looking for jade perch. So China knocked on our door, and I said, 'Come in, have a seat'."

Sambell has been involved professionally in retail aquarium shops or aquaculture for 30 years, but his love of fish first emerged as a young boy.

"Some silly bugger -- I think it was my grandmother -- bought me a goldfish when I was about seven years old and I just got hooked on fish."

Ausyfish is making impressive inroads into Asia, including China, which is hungry for Australia's freshwater fish. He says market timing and continual planning are the keys to business success.