Fears farm is musselling in on shipping paths

AUSTRALIA - The State&#39;s aquaculture regulator is assessing claims a mussel lease has been located too close to the shipping channel in Boston Bay while another lease, near Bickers Island, was unmarked. </b> <br><br> Port Lincoln ship&#39;s pilot Captain Robert Cobban is concerned about a mussel lease that appeared off the western side of Point Boston and north of the shipping channel entrance beacon that he says could pose a navigation hazard. <br><br> Mr Cobban said there had been two cases in the past five years where departing ships occasionally experienced mechanical difficulty ending up in the location of the new mussel lease. <br><br> &quot;I am concerned about vulnerability (of the farm) to vessel break down,&quot; he said, adding that the mussel farm lines would probably help to slow any errant ship. <br><br> <i>Source: Port Lincoln Times </i>

the Fish Site Editor

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