Expansion of Australian Barramundi Plant Announced

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
11 December 2006, at 12:00am

SYDNEY - Australis Aquaculture is pleased to announce that the expansion of its Massachusetts facility was commissioned this week, with start-up of the first set of four tanks. The remaining set of four tanks as planned is scheduled to be operational within 4 weeks.

"This capacity expansion has allowed us to implement a broad range of improvements and demonstrate significantly lower capital and operating costs,” says Australis' Project Manager Rocky Perham.

“The additional grow-out capacity has already permitted accelerated stocking rates in the main plant in anticipation of the start up of the eight new tanks,” says Australis Managing Director Josh Goldman. Record numbers of juvenile barramundi were stocked during the September quarter, and even higher numbers are being stocked this quarter. Advanced stage juveniles will begin to be transferred into the expanded facility within the next few weeks and are expected to reach harvest weight in 120 days, reaching market size by April next year.

Expansion of the company's facilities to 1,000 TPA will result in significant sales growth. Automation of fish handling and processing systems will enable the company to support this growth with minimum changes to staffing levels. Resulting economies of scale are expected to reduce unit production costs by apporximately 18%.

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