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EU and Norway Agree Mackerel Catch Quotas


EU - Bilateral talks between the EU and Norway to set mackerel catches in the north-east Atlantic for 2011 has resulted in the setting of a total allowable catch of 646,000 tonnes.

The agreed final figure is within the permitted range recommended by scientific advice and provisional figures suggest the UK quota will increase by around 14,000 tonnes to 190,000 tonnes.

The agreement between the EU and Norway for an integrated management programme for mackerel follows the decision by Iceland and the Faroe Islands to set their own unilateral quotas for 2011.

Ian Gatt, chief executive of the Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Association, said: “We welcome the fact the EU and Norway have not been bullied into taking account of Iceland and Faroes irresponsible fisheries by ensuring that our long established historical share of the mackerel fishery has not been undermined.

“Long-term responsible management for the mackerel fishery is essential for the sustainability of the stock. It is now up to Iceland and the Faroes to return to the negotiating table and come to a sensible international management arrangement.”