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Decline is over, sights set on quality growth

SCOTLAND - Salmon production in Scotland is rising and looks set to increase this year. This is good news for an industry that has seen decline in recent years, says a new report from the Fisheries Research Services, that's out today.

The growth is due to burgeoning optimism in the high value, premier product end of the market, and has followed a period of consolidation for Scotland's salmon sector, says the Scottish Fish Farms Annual Production Survey, 2006.

The report estimates production for 2007 to be in the region of 142,550 tonnes, compared with the 131,847 tonnes achieved in 2006. Forecasters say that production will continue to grow - by eight per cent or more in 2007, with increased productivity per person and a continuing increase to smolt yields. This follows last year's boost to smolt production and greater yields from ova.

The survey shows that rainbow trout production increased by 7.2 per cent in 2006 to reach 7,492 tonnes. Most of the fish were destined for the table (88.5 per cent) with just 11.5 per cent for restocking fisheries.

Diversification of aquaculture continues as Scotland's industry seeks out new markets an global opportunities, says the report.

The number of people working in the sector has also increased, mainly due to expansion of farmed cod enterprises. A significant expansion in cod production is expected for 2007.

There was a significant increase in the tonnage of cod and brown trout produced in Scotland in 2006, although decreases were seen in the tonnage of halibut produced.

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