Canada needs stronger rules fish farm contaminants, says farmer after closure

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
1 July 2005, at 1:00am

CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. - A salmon farmer who voluntarily suspended sales will return to production this weekend but says Canada needs more stringent standards for the suspected carcinogen which was found in his fish and caused his closure. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency gave Creative Salmon the green light to resume sales after an additional 18 samples all proved negative in lab testing for malachite green. But, said Creative Salmon's chief executive officer Spencer Evans, Canada should look at adopting standards in use in Europe, Chile and Japan. "This is a timebomb that could be devastating for everyone if it's not dealt with, and dealing with it isn't hard," the manager of the farm located near the Vancouver Island village of Tofino. "I think we need now to lobby Health Canada to set a different standard, or we will see borders being closed and shipments stopped - and I'm not just talking about farmed fish here. Source: Yahoo News