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Business Leadership Programme For Aquaculture

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
18 August 2010, at 1:00am

AUSTRALIA - Fisheries Victoria is looking for people who want to take leadership roles in one of the worlds fastest growing primary industries. The Executive Director of Fisheries Victoria, Anthony Hurst today announced a business leadership training programme for members of the Victorian aquaculture industry.

Launched in 2008, the Victorian Aquaculture Strategy is a $1.8 million initiative to grow the value of the aquaculture industry.

“The Strategy’s vision is to treble the value of the Victorian aquaculture industry to $60 million by 2015, in a sustainable manner,” Mr Hurst said.

“Trout and abalone farms are already demonstrating aquaculture’s potential and thanks to a government and industry partnership, mussel production is back on track and heading for rapid growth.

“Leadership and learning go hand in hand and while it is hard to define good leadership you often know it when you see it.

“Good leaders are often great communicators, make strategic decisions, have a clear vision and have the ability to influence others.

“This new programme seeks to further develop these qualities in Victoria’s aquaculture industry by developing leaders with the skills, knowledge, contacts and confidence to run a successful aquaculture business and to improve sector organisation and representation.”

The training is based on the highly successful National Seafood Leadership Programme which recently won the Seafood Training Award at the 2010 Australian Seafood Industry Awards.

The program has been developed through consultation with industry stakeholders and the costs of training are covered by the Victorian Aquaculture Strategy.

Participants will need to commit three days to the programme with two consecutive training days in Melbourne beginning on 7 September, and a final day of training to be delivered a few months later.

Enrolment is open until 30 August to employers and employees in Victoria’s aquaculture industry; however positions are limited.

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