British farmers begin three-day produce strike

UK - Consumers are being urged to stock up as farmers launch a series of strikes over the prices supermarkets pay for their produce.</b> <br><br> Members of the pressure group Farmers for Action will withhold supplies of milk, meat and vegetables today, tomorrow and Friday, with more protests threatened before Christmas. <br><br> Organisers hope at least 2,000 farmers will join the action. <br><br> Farmers for Action said that dairy farmers are being paid just 17p a litre for milk, compared with a price of 27p in 1995. <br><br> John Cumming, a dairy farmer and the strike co-ordinator for Scotland, said that the action would involve &quot;milk, beef, pork, vegetables - anything produced on a farm&quot;. <br><br> Chairman David Handley, a dairy farmer in Monmouthshire, said the strike will put pressure on retailers to make sure primary producers &quot;get a substantial return for their product&quot;. <br><br> <i>Source: The Telegraph</i>

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