Boat moored on river to improve salmon farming

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
9 October 2006, at 1:00am

TASMANIA - A Tasmanian aquaculture company hopes that a fishing vessel it plans to permanently moor at the mouth of the Huon River will improve the safety and efficiency of its salmon farms. Huon Aquaculture spokesman Peter Bender says the company plans to moor the 45-metre FV Cape Hood next to two of its fish cages, to provide workers with shelter in bad weather and to better monitor its feeding programs. "Using small boats out in these quite exposed sites can be a bit dangerous, so what we're looking at is for the guys to be able to get on this boat when the weather's a bit rough and be able to work from the boat," he said. Mr Bender says the plan is part of an efficiency drive, which will also see Huon Aquaculture replace its current pens with new ones, which will be the largest in the world. Source: Abc News Online