Blame apportioned for lack of new marine farms

NEW ZEALAND - Fisheries minister Jim Anderton has suggested he wants more control over the allocation of new space for marine farms. </b> <br><br> No new aquaculture management areas (AMAs) have been set up since legislation reforming the industry was passed. <br><br> This means that the Government may end up paying compensation to Maori if there is no progress by 2013 as they will not be getting entitlements promised to them. <br><br> Fisheries legislation in 2004 followed a three-year moratorium on applications for new marine farms and it also gave Maori 20 per cent of marine farming allocated since 1992 and 20 per cent of any new space. <br><br> At the time then Fisheries Minister David Benson-Pope said the delayed lifting of the moratorium would mean the $1 billion-a-year potential of the aquaculture industry could now be realised. <br><br> The new Fisheries Minister Jim Anderton told MPs that no AMAs had been set up and he appeared to blame local government and the industry for the slow progress. <br><br> <i>Source: Stuff</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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