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Aquaculture Advisory Committee Changes


AUSTRALIA - Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Gail Gago, announced the appointment of Catherine Cooper as Presiding Member of the Aquaculture Advisory Committee (AAC).

The Aquaculture Advisory Committee (AAC) is the statutory body responsible for advising aquaculture policy, regulation and administration matters in South Australia.

Minister Gago described Ms Cooper as an ideal choice to help drive the future direction of this important sector.

The Aquaculture Advisory Committee plays a vital role in informing and advising Government to ensure the ecological sustainable development of South Australias world-leading aquaculture industries, Ms Gail Gago said.

With a long history of involvement in the Fisheries Council and other fisheries management committees, Catherine brings a wealth of experience in aquatic resource management.

Ms Cooper takes over from outgoing Presiding Member Mary Mitchell, who has successfully led the committee for a number of years, helping to shape the states aquaculture industry.

A number of other appointments to the AAC have also been announced, following a comprehensive recruitment process. The following members are new appointments to the AAC for a three-year term:

  • Catherine Cooper (Presiding Member)
  • Jonathan Luckens (Deputy Member), Aquaculture Industry
  • Kym Abbott (Member), Research and Development
  • Roseanne Healy (Deputy Member), Research and Development
  • Lorraine Rosenberg (Deputy Member), Local Government
  • Trent Rusby (Member), Administration of Harbors and Navigation Act 1993
  • Abigail Walters (Deputy Member), Administration of Harbors and Navigation Act 1993

Six existing members have also been reappointed to the AAC for a three-year term:

  • Andrew Dyer (Member), Aquaculture Industry
  • Steward Payne (Member), Local Government
  • Peter Dolan (Member), Administration of Environment Protection Act 1993
  • Jillian Coates (Member), Aquaculture Industry
  • Tara Ingerson (Deputy Member), Administration of Environment Protection Act 1993
  • Rachel Lawrie (Deputy Member), Aquaculture Industry

Ms Gago thanked Mary Mitchell, outgoing member Professor Gail Anderson, and deputy members Steven Clarke and David Hitchcock for their valuable contributions during their respective tenures on the committee.