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Anti Dumping Duty to be Lifted

EU - The European Commission's anti dumping committee has voted to lift punitive duty on imports of Norwegian salmon, despite reported objections from the UK and Ireland.

The vote to raise the sanctions was believed to be 25-2, with the UK and Ireland voting against.

The dispute, that has been running for many years, was brought to a head at the end of last year when the World Trade Organisation Disputes Panel ruled that the EU measures of higher duty on Norwegian farmed salmon had no basis.

The Panel found that the European Communities had acted inconsistently with several of the articles governing anti dumping measures.

This week the Financial Times in the UK reported that the UK and Ireland were alone in opposing the lifting of the sanctions during a meeting behind closed doors in Brussels.

However, the decision has come under fire from the European Salmon Growers Association, which, according to reports in Scotland Press and Journal, is to appeal to the European Courts against the decision to lift the duty.

The ESGA is concerned that it will open the market to cheap salmon and destabilise the market.

The European Council of Ministers is expected to take a final decision on lifting the duty in July.