Angola: Aquaculture Regulations Approved

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
5 May 2008, at 1:00am

LUANDA - The Government of Angola formalised the regulations to authorise the exercise of aquaculture in an extensive production system, including mariculture and continental aquaculture in its most various categories.

According to the executive decree 43/08 of the Fisheries Ministry, printed in the State Gazette number 53, 1st Series, that reached ANGOP Sunday, the regulations also concern the control and granting of licences to all singular or collective people who wish to practice this activity in the national territory, the Angola Press informs us.

The system of aquaculture production is characterised by the cultivation of fish in small water-wells by families or singular companies for their own use, due to the low density of cultivation, as well as its own practice in artificial lakes, and built in a regular manner.

As conditions imposed to the aquaculture practice in an extensive production system, the document states that the practice of this activity should not exceed an area larger or equal to 300 square kilometres.

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