Aquaculture for all

An Advertisement For Aquaculture Reform


NEW ZEALAND - The final approval of 10 marine farms announced earlier this week gives yet another reason for the Governments current review of the regulatory regime governing aquaculture.

“It has not passed the notice of the industry and those that have been involved in the current review of the legislation that this announcement comes on the heels of the latest round of consultation by the Minister,” said Mike Burrell CEO of Aquaculture NZ.

“While this is good news for the applicants, these farms have been in the approval process for an average of eight years each and have cost the applicants thousands in fees and lost opportunities. It is situations like this that the Minister and the sector have been working to address and improve.

“We recognise that no one is to blame, but the system itself. We are striving for a transparent system that delivers clarity and certainty to meet the needs of an environmentally and economically sustainable sector. A sector that already and will continue to work with, and take account of the needs of, all users of our coastal space.

“What is significant about the approval of the farms is that no adverse effects were identified in either their placement or proposed use. This is significant as the sector relies heavily on its international reputation as a world class practitioner of environmental sustainability,” concluded Mr Burrell.