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Acquaculture Technology Only Way To Guarantee Fish Supplies

AUSTRALIA - An international fishing company is looking to a West Australian aquaculture system to guarantee its supplies and save on escalating fuel costs.

Andrew Campbell

The Alpha Group, a conglomerate of companies operating from Sub Saharan Africa and Gulf Countries for last 50 years, has seen a fall in its catch off the coast of Africa, according to reports on ABC Rural.

Managing director Andrew Campbell, who is also a director of the McRobert Aquaculture Group in Western Australia, is reported to have said that global fish stocks have plummeted by 75 per cent.

He says the only way for the fishing industry to survive is to embrace aquaculture technology.

McRobert Aquaculture Group Limited (MAG) is an Australian company that was incorporated in April 2006 as the commercialisation vehicle for the innovative aquaculture solutions.

MAG also has a close working relationship with the ADU, part of Challenger TAFE’s WA Maritime Training Centre based in Fremantle, Western Australia. The ADU is a state government applied aquaculture research facility that is recognised nationally and internationally for its ground-breaking work, and state-of-the-art fish hatchery facilities.

Mr Campbell told ABC Rural: "Most international companies, Maruha and Sea Lord, Panapesce and Pesce Fina and all these types of companies are all looking for aquaculture because they can't get wild harvest supply, continuity.

"So the industry has to go to aquaculture, and aquaculture is coming to the stage where it's on the cusp, right on the edge of commercialising, it's becoming very mature."

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