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A Thin Silver Lining to WA's Yellowfish Disaster

AUSTRALIA - A bacterial infection has now wiped out almost half the stock in one of Western Australia's offshore fish farms, after a further 15,000 yellowfish died this week.

Last week the executive director Andrew Mitton said the company could be left with only about 16,000 of the 50,000 fish it started with, but now, according to ABCRural, directors have declined to speak to the media.

However, the news agency says that the chair of the Aquaculture Council of Western Australia, Max Ball, says the black cloud over western kingfish may contain a silver lining for the industry.

"Other aquaculture companies will certainly watch it, but they'll be watching it from a professional point of view, not worried about the investment point of view,' he told the news agency.

"They'll be watching it to see how the company deals with it, because it's from these experiences (that they) learn how to handle and manage their fish projects better."

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