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Updates On Mollusc Diseases In Asia-Pacific


Speaking at the 9th Asia Regional Advisory Group (AG) on Aquatic Animal Health, Dr Chinabut (Thailand) informed the meeting that there are no updates or recent reports on molluscan diseases, and that the Asia Pacific still lacks experts in this regard.

Dr Ernst provided an update on the abalone viral ganglioneuritis situation in Australia. In Victoria, there had been no reported spread of the disease in wild abalone in 2010 and there have been no outbreaks in farmed abalone since 2006. In Tasmania, there had been no outbreaks of the disease in processing facilities in 2010 and the disease remained undetected in wild abalone populations in Tasmanian waters.

Dr Leaño mentioned a parasitic disease of abalone (Haliotis asinina) in the Philippines. A report on this issue is included in SEAFDEC AQD’s presentation.

Dr Huang made an update on the viral disease of scallops in China. The genome sequence is already complete and the virus is 90 per cent similar to oyster herpesvirus. The virus is only found in local species of scallops.

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