Rotanese learn shrimp farming's profitability

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
23 March 2007, at 12:00am

NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS - Fourteen farmers and entrepreneurs on Rota learned that shrimp farming could be a lucrative business which could uplift their standards of living and eventually help the economy of the CNMI.

NMC-CREES aquaculture consultant Michael M. Ogo conducts a workshop on "Business Opportunities in Shrimp Broodstock Industry" on Rota earlier this month. It was attended by a total of 14 farmers and entrepreneurs.

Northern Marianas College-Cooperative Research Education and Extension Service aquaculture consultant Michael M. Ogo said the workshop, “Business Opportunities in Shrimp Broodstock Industry,” was held at the Rota Youth Center on March 7, initially with just six participants. However, when other farmers learned about the event, they asked Ogo to extend the seminar for another day. Ogo acceded to the farmers' request and extended his stay on Rota for one more day to assist those who showed interest.

In the end, a total of 14 Rotanese leaned a thing or two about shrimp farming, as eight of the farmers attended the workshop's second day.

He said the farmers in general asked how shrimp farming could be lucrative, especially on Rota. He said other questions that were raised zeroed in on financing the business.

“We hope we can invite the CDA [Commonwealth Development Authority] and work hand in hand with the training or workshop,” said Ogo, adding that the group is also looking at involving NMC's Small Business Development Center.

Source: Saipan Tribune