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New Technology and Sustainable Solutions

AUSTRALIA - New technology has been developed which aims to provide efficient oxygenation for sustainable aquaculture, allowing fish to more efficiently utilize feed.

The product, developed by Clean Water Scientific, Inc., will be exhibited at Australias Skretting Australasian Aquaculture 2008 international conference and trade show.

With its thriving aquaculture industry, Australia is the perfect location to launch the newest addition to our revolutionary range of oxygenating products, said Dennis Mast, general manager of CWSI and developer of the Add-o-mizer technology. As consumers today face increased food prices and become more aware of sustainable and environmental friendly food sources, we are excited to offer this new technology to fish farmers.

Mast will be honored as one of the conferences poster presenters. His poster on efficient oxygenation for sustainable aquaculture will be on display during the conferences four-day run and will tie together the conferences focus on technological advances and environmental sustainability with its 2008 theme of Innovation in a Global Market.

AquaClens for Agriculture helps to better oxygenate water in fish farms and hatcheries, allowing fish to more efficiently utilize feed. The system controls the oxygen level of water by infusing oxygen into water in the form of microbubbles, achieving a marketable weight of fish in a shorter time, reducing biological contaminants and ultimately reducing overall costs.

This technology, known as the Add-o-mizer, is the supporting process behind AquaClens for Agriculture and the entire range of CWSI AquaClens products. The CWSI Add-o-mizer is a cylindrical unit in which liquid and gas are mixed and piped into the unit under high pressure. Inside the unit, liquid and gas are mixed until the gas dissolves into the liquid. After it is released from the unit, the gas appears in a small bubble formation within the liquid and forces both organic and inorganic dissolved solids to float to the waters top.

AquaClens for Agriculture was initially designed specifically for fish farms, fish hatcheries and other aquaculture applications, but CWSI technologies have many versatile applications for any agriculture organization with a need for efficient oxygenation in water.