New Machine's A Pearler!

AUSTRALIA - This new machine could improve the local oyster industry out of sight. A boat-load of weather-unwise suits and stilettos huddled under umbrellas and floated up the Clyde River on Monday morning to officially open the high-speed automatic grading machine. </b> <br><br> Clyde River oyster farmers Kevin and Ewan McAsh needed the machine to boost their productivity and that of fellow oyster farmers. <br><br> Through the South East NSW Area Consultative Committee (Seacc), McAsh Oysters gained a grant of $60,500 from the Australian Government&#39;s Regional Partnerships program. <br><br> Eden-Monaro MP Gary Nairn said the program offered money to help establish significant projects. The machine cost $135,000 in total. <br><br> <i>Source: Bay Post</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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