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Aquaculture Conference to Realise Potential

NEW ZEALAND - The New Zealand Aquaculture Conference will be held from 24-25 July in Blenheim, with the theme 'Realise the Potential, Reveal the Value'.

The conference has attracted a number of high profile speakers from the industry in New Zealand and internationally.

The Rabobank sponsored conference will focus on the three areas necessary for continued growth of New Zealand’s aquaculture industry – market development, research and legislative change.

These growth imperatives are by no means unique to the aquaculture industry, providing points of interest for those interested in the development of New Zealand’s primary industries.

"The production of food is one of nation’s economic advantages bought about through its isolation and the skill and expertise of New Zealand’s food and beverage pioneers and scientists," said Aquaculture New Zealand Chief Executive Mike Burrell.

"Aquaculture is the latest of our primary industries, developing from an experimental venture to a viable economic proposition remarkably quickly in its relatively short life of less than 40 years.

"In that time we have had a resolute group of mussel, salmon and oyster farmers experimenting and innovating with systems, assisted by world-leading New Zealand scientists, to develop an industry recognised the world over.

"With the world demand for food, and particularly protein, only to grow the New Zealand aquaculture industry is in a perfect position to mature as an environmentally sustainable contributor to the country’s economic growth.

"All those who are interested in the development of New Zealand’s fastest growing primary industry, and the opportunities for positive change it can bring, should take the time to come to the New Zealand Aquaculture Conference," Mr Burrell added.