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A Future in Aquaculture Opens in Jurien Bay

AUSTRALIA - Western Kingfishs Jurien Bay based hatchery and offshore operations was officially opened last Friday.

Western Kingfish chairperson John Gillon said the facility would give hope to an industry facing a challenging future.

“The threat to global food supplies from over-fishing in open waters and especially in southern oceans has been well documented,” he said told the news agency, Fairfax Digital.

“The development of a major facility at Jurien Bay by Western Kingfish is a significant investment in the under-developed commercial aquaculture industry in Australia.”

“The completion of the hatchery and offshore operations in Jurien Bay is a significant milestone for Western Kingfish and ensures the company is on its way to becoming a major contributor to aquaculture in WA.”

Western Kingfish has been working in conjunction with the Department of Fisheries and the Department of Environment and Conservation in developing environmental monitoring and management programs which will ensure that as Western Kingfish expands its operations.

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