Unlocking the potential of tilapia aquaculture: innovation, welfare and sustainable development

28 of July 2021 - Online Webinar

Despite delivering a low-cost, affordable protein that is critical to food security and global nutrition, tilapia aquaculture receives little attention and investment compared to high value species like salmon.

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The sector suffers from under-investment, a low level of technological application, and a paucity of on-the-ground research. This results in preventable production and husbandry problems, combined with reduced yields and profits.

If not addressed this risks jeopardising the sector’s potential as a major source of affordable, high quality protein for human consumption.

This event – which will take place purely in Portuguese – seeks to highlight the latest tilapia research and technology breakthroughs.

It will also bring tilapia producers, researchers, genetics experts, feed formulators, health specialists, entrepreneurs and equipment companies together to improve tilapia welfare, environmental performance, productivity and profitability.


Dr. Ricardo Ribeiro

Setting the scene: Market conditions and challenges for Brazilian Tilapia (20 min)

Dr. Ricardo Ribeiro Professor Associado - Universidade Estadual de Maingá
Dr. Ana Silvia Pedrazzani

Applied tilapia welfare in Brasil: the status quo and future developments

Dr. Ana Silvia Pedrazzani Vet, MSc, PhD em Bem-Estar de Peixes
Dr. Marcos Santos

Advanced Nutrition on Tilapia Production: Advantages of probiotic use

Dr. Marcos Santos Senior Expert Global Farm - BMK Advanced Nutrition - INVE Aquaculture
Fabiana Pilarski

Measuring and improving health and the environment

Fabiana Pilarski Specialist in Health and Fishfarming - CAUNESP Jaboticabal, São Paulo, Brasil
Renato Augusto Morandi

A Brazil success story - A more sustainable tilapia: from the water to the market

Renato Augusto Morandi Diretor Executivo - Geneseas Aquacultura Ltda.

Interactive working groups: Challenges and opportunities: economic, environmental and welfare issues in tilapia production

Caroline Marques Maia

General facilitator

Caroline Marques Maia FEG (FishEthoGroup) - Biologist, Master and PhD in Zoology in the area of animal behavior and welfare and specialist in scientific journalism.
Thiago Ushizima

Feed innovation

Thiago Ushizima Regional Business Manager at Adisseo Latan - Aquaculture
Dr. Bruno Corrêa da Silva

Health and water quality monitoring

Dr. Bruno Corrêa da Silva Aquaculture Engineer - EPAGRI
Henrique Torquato Junqueira Franco

Supply chain innovations

Henrique Torquato Junqueira Franco Executive Director at BTJ AQUA

Summary and looking ahead

Murilo H. Quintiliano

How will Brazil be represented at the Global Tilapia Summit?

Murilo H. Quintiliano Coordenador do Projeto Bem-estar de Tilapias e Diretor da Fai Farms

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