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Modular Courses: Structure

Course Structure:

The Sustainable Aquaculture postgraduate distance learning modular programme is taught part time via an online e-learning platform offering online tutorial support, direct email contact with tutors, video streams and access to student bulletin boards. This structure allows students the maximum flexibility to complete their studies while continuing in their employment.




The modules have varying methods of delivery and assessment. For more details of each module, including weekly contact hours, teaching methods and assessment, please see the latest module catalogue which is for the 2018-2019 academic year; some elements may be subject to change for 2019 entry


Modules available:

Course Credits
BL4801 Aquaculture and Fisheries 10
BL4802 Biology for Aquaculture 20
BL 4803 Biology for Aquaculture – invertebrates 10
BL 4804 Biology for Aquaculture – vertebrates 10
BL5801 Nutrition 20
BL 5806 Nutrition – invertebrates 10
BL 5807 Nutrition – vertebrates 10
BL5802 Management, husbandry and sustainability  10
BL5803 Health and disease 20
BL 5808 Health and Disease – invertebrates 10
BL 5809 Health and Disease – vertebrates 10
BL5804 Markets, products, processing & food safety 10
BL5805 Local and global impacts of aquaculture 10
BL5821 Breeding and genetics 10
BL5822 Welfare, ethics 10
BL5823 Recirculation aquaculture systems 10
BL5824 Ornamental and aquaria production 10
BL5825 Larval rearing 10

The modules listed ran in the academic year 2017–2018 and are indicative of this course. There is no guarantee that these modules will run for 2018–2019 entry. Take a look at the most up-to-date modules in the module catalogue.